copy cells from MP3tag, paste into spreadsheet

It surprises me, that I can't just Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C from MP3tag, and then Ctrl-C into a spreadsheet.

WYSIWYG may be an old buzz-word, but it still holds true as one of the best ways to assist users to get what they expect. Exspecially export files and field placeholdes are not really needed, if cut'n'paste worked "out of the box".

Since MP3tag already use Ctrl-C to copy tags in its own internal clipboard format, maybe it could use Shift-Ctrl-C to copy data from each selected cell as text to clipboard.

Please have a look at the many available REAL export possibilities. Copy&Paste can never replace a scriptable export.

Press Ctrl-E on you tracks or :book: here: /t/1495/1

Sounds like a great idea!

@LyricsLover: there's no export plugin to spreadsheets on that page. You'd still have to copy and paste it from an experted HTML page or hope that the spreadsheet application can import it.

Is this scriptable export as quick as the simple text cut'n'paste?

I can go to almost any website, use the browser's copy and get it pasted with the spreadsheet's paste function.
It's simple - I don't have to learn yet another scripting language.
And it's fast - doesn't re-read all source data once again.

You may say "it's a REAL export".
I agree, it is incredibly flexible.
But it is NOT a good player in a scripting environment. A good player is open-ended, i.e. has a command line interface (or a programming API), so that external programs can use it as a sub-component. MPT3tag seems deliberately NOT to want that kind of use. Scripting? It's good, flexible, but not real.... :ph34r:

Maybe I should start looking for another MP3tag list program, even though I have been a very satisfied MP3tag user for more than 5 years now. (started with version 1.08, I think, and a lot of my usability suggestions regarding simple cursor navigation were implemented in version 1.13 or thereabouts) :sunglasses:

MP3tag is still by far the best choice for me, when I want to edit MP3 tags, which is what I need most.

I have an export script with the following code to create a delimited list for importing
into Excel. I point mp3tag directory at "My Music" and this will list every album. When you
open the file in Excel just use ";" as the delimiter and general as the field type. [Note: there are no carriage return/line feeds in the code - simply one line.

Hope this helps,

$filename(txt_excel.txt)$loop(%band%)$loop(%album%,1)%band%;%album%;%year%;%genre%;%www%;%comment% $loopend() $loopend()