Copy Cover and paste into Windows 8.1?

Just wondering if this is possible or if it can be made possible?
Within mp3tag I can copy the cover, but every so often I would like to copy the cover using Windows's clipboard.

If you right-click on the cover in the tag panel of Mp3tag you can see something like

Cover in Zwischenablage kopieren


Copy Cover

You can then use the content of the clipboard in every other program like "MS Paint" or whatever you like to use.

It also works the other way:
If you copy a cover to the clipboard from outside of Mp3tag, you can use

Cover aus Zwischenablage einfügen


Paste cover

with a right-click on the cover place holder inside the Mp3tag tag panel.

When I copy cover in mp3tag and go to paste it in Windows, 'paste' in Windows is greyed out?

Where exactly "in Windows"? In the File Explorer (yellow folder icon)?
Is it greyed out also in MS Paint or any other graphics program?

Yes, the yellow folder icon.
I have an external hdd connected with my music (in Flac) which I use mp3tag to sort the metadata.
I would also like to add the cover to the folder that has all the tracks of the album (the same cover which I have added to each track using mp3tag).

2 ways:

a) Manually: Drag & Drop the cover from Mp3tag to your folder (not copy & paste)

b) Semi-Automatic: Create an action with action type "Export Cover to file" as command:

Example: Covers export

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Drag and Drop worked.
Why didn't I think of that in the first place?
Thanks for your help.

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