Copy Feat. tags to Album Artist field

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Thanks, but I don't understand the codes used to do this myself, even with a reference. Also that doesn't look like what I am asking as I don't want to move it, just make a copy of the artists (without feat.) and append it to album artist.

This does not make any sense to me. An album consists of many tracks and each track may have different featuring artists. So the value of albumartist would possibly change for every action on the tracks.
Do you intend to append the different feat. artists to the albumartist-tag?

An example:

  1. track: Peter Smith - I love you (feat. Paul Miller)
  2. track: Peter Smith - I love you too (feat. Paula Pedestrian)
  3. track: Peter Smith - I Love you even more (feat. Sarah Jones)
  4. track: Peter Smith - I don't love you (feat. Paul Miller)

So do you want a s result for albumartist: Peter Smith; Paul Miller; Paula Pedestrian; Sarah Jones?

I am sure that this would be possible to achieve somehow but I am sure it is not easy to achieve. It is not only necessary to append the feat. artists to the albumartist-tag, it is also necessary to avoid double appending of an artist that appears more than in 1 track on the album.

I think you should take the albumartist-tag like it it is meant to be used:
Naming the main artist who recorded that album.

Yes, that is what I want.

Lets use this song as an example:

In my library it is under Lady Gaga. If I were to select Beyoncé in my library, this song would not play. But if I use the album artist tag to include all artists on the track with the use of the ";" character, then add a column to my player for album artist, then this song will fall under both Lady Gaga and Beyoncé. (I use Musicbee with is very customizable.)

That's just an example with the first well known artist I could think of, but I listen to a lot of obscure hip-hop, and if you know anything about hip-hop they tend to feature a bunch of artists on each track, and many don't have full albums and exclusively only do features. If I really like a rapper it makes it impossible to listen to a collective of their work unless I tag this way.

I already do this manually but it's a time consuming nightmare, so I thought I would ask if there was a way to automate it. I tag all my featuring artists the same (Feat. Artist, Artist) so I assume it would be possible?

I want it per track, not per album. It would be something I would use by selecting the track and then using the action drop down. I think adding it to my auto one click thingamajig would break stuff.

I use the "artist" tag for the main artist the album is under, if not only because that is the tag that uses.

Hope my explanation made sense. I know I am way too organized for my own good haha.

Here is a visual example. Usually I have the album artist hidden in this part of the view, but it gives you a good idea of what I mean:

And if I go to LOCO's section, the Giriboy song is there:

Zoomed out with track list:

You could create an action group and combine 3 actions.
This for your example:
Artist - Title (Feat. Apple, Banana, Orange)

  1. Action: Fills %albumartist% with the main artist and fills the self-defined tagfield %artist_feat%
    Action Type: Guess Value
    Source: %artist%
    Guessing Pattern: %albumartist% - %dummy% (feat. %artist_feat%)

  2. Action: Replaces the commas in %artist_feat% with semicolons
    Action Type: Replace
    Field: ARTIST_FEAT
    Original: ,
    New: ;

  3. Action: Combine the values of %albumartist% and %artist_feat% in %albumartist%
    Action Type: Format Value
    Format String: %albumartist%; %artist_feat%

If you wish to you can later delete %artist_feat% but I recommend you to keep it for later use.
This only works if there are no commas in the main and the featuring artist-names.
Test this not with your original files but with copies.

Maybe someone has a more elegant solution.

Thank you. I tried this.. and I admit I am not always the brightest when it comes to making actions, but it is just renaming things to "Artist ;" without the Feat. artist.

Can you double check what I did:

I think it is step two, that you gave me, completely replacing the ALBUM_FEAT maybe?

Wait, maybe its the "%albumartist% - %dummy% (feat. %artist_feat%)" part. Do I need to make that look like the file name? or where is this being taken from? Why is there a dash?

(I wish I understood actions better. Sorry.)

Edited to add, do I need to first create the self defined tag? Is that the issue?


I got to to work by messing with it a bit. The problem was in the first step:

Thank you so much. You are great!

The action for importing fields is case-sensitive. So if you have "Feat" instead of "feat" then it is a different case.
You only supplied examples with "feat".

Check first whether the import of tag fields has worked - the feat_artist should be filled.

I edited my last post, I got it to work, and yea that was one of the issues, but I also changed other stuff to get it to work. (Also, all my examples except one were Feat, not feat.)

Also in that regard I can always add 2 lines for step one right? One with feat and one with Feat?
Like so?:

I think there is no sensible limit to the amount of actions that can be added to an action group, probably something like 32767 or so.
So: yes, you can add another action to the action group.

You wrote in your first posting that "Artist - Title (Feat. Apple, Banana, Orange)" is the title-tag.
Mabe this is not the title-tag but the filename?
How do your title-tag, your artist-tag and your filename look like?

Anyway I made 2 mistakes.

  • Taking this as the title-tag I made a typo and wrote %artist% where I should have written "title% in the first guess values action.

  • As Ohrenkino wrote I did not take into account that the delimiter of the guess value action has to be case-sensitive and you exapmple shows "Feat." instead of "feat."

So the correct first action of the group should look like this (if the mentioned source is the title-tag):
Type: Guess values
Source: %title%
Guessing Pattern: %albumartist% - %dummy% (Feat. %artist_feat%)

or if the mentioned source is the filename:
Type: Guess values
Source: %_filename%
Guessing pattern: %albumartist% - %dummy% (Feat. %artist_feat%)

Actions of the type "Guess Values" work with unique delimiters in the guessing pattern.
In the action above the delimters are " - " and " Feat. )".
The task was to get the %albumartist% and the %artist_feat% out of the source
Artist - Title (Feat. Apple, Banana, Orange
So the gussing pattern first takes the characters up to the delimiter " - " and fills the albumartist-tag with them. The charcaters behind the delimiter " - " up the the next delimiter " (Feat. " are thrown away (%dummy%). The characters behing the delimiter " (Feat. " create and fill the tag %artist_feat%.

The problem of actions of the type "Guess Values" is the necessity of a unique delimiter. So if you somtimes have "feat." or "featuring instead of "(Feat." or if you have " - " in the source that does not work as a delimter the action won't work properly.

Oh okay I see where you got that from now! Makes more sense to me haha. I just wrote it like that to try and express that I wanted 4 different artists in the album artist tag. Sorry for the confusion!!

Also, thank you so much for explaining "Guess Value" to me. I do sometimes use convert "Filename - Tag" when I am missing tags, and it seems like this works the same way that does? I don't think I completely get it, but I definitely will feel more comfortable trying things out on my own regarding the "Guess Value" action in the future. So thanks a bunch! Yay for learning experiences!

Here is what I have settled on:

I should always have uppercase Feat as I have an action in my one click tagging group that fixes it, but just in case I added it twice. Doesn't seem to be causing issue.

Anyway, thanks again!! :heart:

Although the problem has been solved already within this thread, I want to give two Mp3tag MTA action group files, which let someone to study two alternative ways to solve the request.

Test2017_20170726.krissasaur.1.mta (342 Bytes)
Test2017_20170726.krissasaur.2.mta (165 Bytes)
The mta files have to be copied into the folder ...


Test2017_20170726.krissasaur.1.mta (342 Bytes)

Test2017_20170726.krissasaur.2.mta (165 Bytes)

Yes, it does.
The converter "Filename-Tag" ist an equivalent to the action "Guess Values" with the source "%_filename%.
The benefit of the converter is the possibility of a preview, So you can use it to learn and define actions.

Can this new forum bump threads? Anyway, trying to bump this.

I use this a lot, works great, but if I already have something in my MIXARTIST tag, and then use this action, it erases it. Is there anyway to fix this so it will not do that?

Here is what I have:

See Replace empty field

I am not sure I understand what that is telling me to do.

Edit: Yea, I decided to just try it and now it is just replacing everything with "[ INVALID $IF SYNTAX ]"so if someone could spell out what I need to do that would be great.

It is always much simpler to develop an expression if the expression as flawed as it may be would be visible.

I think it is the 3rd action from the bottom of the list that you showed.
I would modify it like this:
Format value for MIXARTIST
Format string: $if(%mixartist%,%mixartist%; %feat_artist%,%feat_artist%)

Yea, I knew it was the MIXARTIST one, the rest is just stuff I have added over time to deal with people tagging things differently.

Anyway, that worked, and it also appends tags onto the end of whats already there, which is more than I could have asked for. Thanks so much!

I really wish I understood this stuff better.

Okay, it works great, but it is adding a ; at the end. I need the ; between artists, but not at the end.

Then you have not filled feat_artist but only a filled mixartist