Copy Filename from file from outside Mp3tag to Filter box

I would like to propose an addition of a time saving feature

If the user selects a file outside Mp3tg, be it in ordinary Explorer of Windows or using some file list feature in for example photos manager, then the filename of that file should be copied to clipboard - so that it can be pasted to the Filter box as a filtering data. This way the use would not to have to click a file to go into name editing mode and select the filename before coping of it - thus eliminating two mundane steps in such task

And what happens if more than one files are selected? Then maybe the last file added to such selection should be marked by Mp3tag as selected [so it would be its filename that would be copied]?

I very often use file-manager for handling of my audio files - and constantly find myself in a situation where I need quickly search for the file that I am looking at, or its copies or just its name in the set of files which are already loaded to my Mp3tag. So it would be much easier if I could just

point and click >>> press CTRL + C >>> press ALT + TAB >>> click Filter box >>> press CTRL + V

This feature could be turned on and off in options