Copy filename to title

it's a simple question, but I can't find the answer anywhere!
I have a folder full of mp3 files, and I have to write a title in every title field of every file.
Titles should be copied from the filenames.
Can you help me in solving this problem?
Thank you!

See the Frequently asked questions: Converter

Ok! Now I can understand the "Converter > Filename - Tag"!
Field is the TARGET, so I have to write "%title%" to copy the whole filename in the title tag.
It's wonderful, thank you!

This has just helped me as well, thanks.

For my future reference, we:

  1. Select the filename (multiple ones, if desired),
  2. Click on Convert > Filename - Tag.
  3. I forget the text we see, but replace it all with %title%
  4. Click OK, see the filename - less dot MP3, perfect - appear in the Title column.

Love this program.

This is only correct if the filename really shows only the title.
But please note that you can define any fitting pattern to distribute the found data into several tag fields, not just the title.
It is even possible to import from the folder name.