Copy from one tag field to another.


I use mp3tag to manually edit all my mp3s, i have one task i have to repeat on alot of files.

In the album field i've typed "Single" for my songs that come from single cds, this gives me problems on my phone. It thinks all these songs come from the same album, and because of that it uses the same album pictures. All my cover art is saved within the mp3 file.

Now i want to copy the song title to the album field, overwriting whatever i've put there in the first place. Only for the songs from single cds of course, i would sort and highlight them.

I've tried different settings with custom actions, but couldn't get it done. I've also read about scripting, but that went beyond my skills :unsure:

Is this possible, if yes, can you help me with a recipe?

I think you need to read the FAQ here. It has all the simple tasks explained there.

Action type: Format value
Field: ALBUM
Format string: %title%

I've read the FAQ, but my lack of understanding scripts and programming ruined it for me :wink:

Thank you very much progprog, i just tried it and that is exactly what i needed! :smiley:

Happy to help! :slight_smile: