Copy metadata from one disc to another

I have a number of CDs that I ripped and tagged with MP3Tag. Something went wrong with a conversion so they are now no longer lossless. I ripped the same CDs again but now would like to transfer the tags from the old tracks to the new ones. Can this be done easily? If so, how?

Yes. You can load the ones with the correct tags, select all and copy the tags via Ctrl+C. Then open the ones without tags, select all and paste the tags via Ctrl+V.

Brilliant! Thanks for the prompt reply (you must work, eat and sleep in front of the computer).

Any way to do the same to the Filename?

Not in the same way, however you can use the converter "Tag - Filename" to rename the files based on the copied metadata.

Yes I know. It is what I use all the time.

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