Copy sync lyrics tagged to the field SYLT help

i have all my audio files with sync lyrics stored to the tag LYRICS
I would to copy this tag to a new tag SYLT
and keep both tags , i want to keep LYRICS and SYLT
I have tried the action feature , but it does remove the tag LYRICS
I can't find in the action the feature copy
i'm running the last version of mp3tag and foobar2000
may you please test and confirm ?

See the FAQs:

Please note that MP3tag does not support the field SYLT.

i have tried ,but it delete LYRICS tag

Please note that MP3tag does not support the field SYLT.
what do you mean ? can't write or can't read?

Yes, both.
See the help for supported fields:

If you are asked for a field name, enter the name without the % around it.
If you want to address the contents of a field with a field variable, then the % is mandatory.
To copy the contents of an existing field to a new field, use (as you did) an action of the type "Format value" and enter as field name the name of the new field (here: SYLT).
Enter as format string and instruction to generate a string - which would be the contents of the %unsyncedlyrics%. The field LYRICS is a user-defined field, I think - to see the proper name, open the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T) and check the field name.
If you enter SYLT as target field then you create a user-defined field called SYLT which appears as TEXT field in the tag. A player will probably not recognize this as the standard SYLT field.

See also this thread:

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