Copy tag to tag


I'm looking for a way to transfer automatically all ID3 tags from one set of mp3 files to another set of mp3 files. I admit I didn't search trough ALL posts and faqs but at first glance this is not straightforward.

The general idea is first to convert hi-bitrate files to lo-bitrate using lame and a one line script for batch sequencing. Could be something like that:

for %x in (xyz*.mp3) lame -h -b128 "%x" "new_%x"

I'm using the fabulous Take Command processor, the syntax should be very similar in a CMD window. Anyway, this is off topic.

Then, as lame doesn't keep the tags :mellow:, use mp3tag to copy tags from one set to the other.

==> Howto??? :unsure:




Ach! It was just too simple! :wub:

Thanks a lot, it works exactly as expected. One just have to pay attention to the order the files are selected, because the tags are copied whatever be the file names.

Thanks again,