Copying lyrics (tags <-> txt)

I use foobar2000 + foo_uie_lyrics3 plugin to display lyrics from different sources incl. tags. All lyrics are saved as LYRICS (with sync timings) or UNSYNCED LYRICS (w/o syncing) tags.
My player COWON J3 supports lyrics but it can only get them from separate files (txt or lrc).
What I need is mass export of lyrics from tags to files with custom folder, name and extension (and back).

Have you tried an export (File > Export)?
Modify one of the relevant formats (e.g. txt) so that it exports only one field, e.g. UNSYNCEDLYRICS.

Please note, that for the import you need a single string without linebreaks or end-of-parapgraph characters as one line will be interpreted as one record. So you probably have to do some processing after export and prior to the import.

Start reading there ...


I have the same problem with UTF-8. I guess I'll have to wait for native implementation of multiple files export (not through dos prompt).

I export all lyrics to one big file, then I use a little program I wrote to create single lyric files for each song text.
Also works with utf-8
Tell me if you want to try it.

Yes please, I would like to give it a try!

Download the archive.
Then put the .mte file in the %appdata%\export folder

Then select your files in Mp3tag (start with a smaller number) and use this new Export template Lyrics#Export for Single Textfiles to create the big lyrics file.
Mp3tag should put it automatically in the Windows temp folder.

Next you just have to start the Mp3tagLyricsSplitter program. It will look in the temp folder for the lyrics file and then create the new files in the same folders as the audio files.

Mp3tagLyricsSplitter.rar (293 KB)