Copying shortcuts to files


Firstly thanks for the wonderful software!

Is there any way to select files in mp3tag then copy shortcuts of them to a new folder?

I'm using Win7 by the way. This would be a very useful thing to be able to do.

Thanks =]

MP3tag does not recode or edit the stream. SO if you mean by "shortcuts" a sort of short version of a track then you would have to resort to another programme.

You can drag selected tracks from Mp3tag listview to an existing folder into explorer application.
This will move the files in the file system. Copy files might also be done with pressed Ctrl key when dragging. These file copy and move options are also available within the track's context menu.

I am not aware that Mp3tag can create link files in the file system respectively can give order to the operating system to create some. This can be done from within Windows Explorer application or by other file utility applications.

The idea behind your request, when realized in programming code, would be a nice feature for Mp3tag with enormous potential for creating and structuring user dependend "virtual" catalogs directly on disk by simply using the filesystem as the basic database.


Just an idea:
You could try it the other way. If you first create the shortcuts inside the windows explorer (mark the wished *.mp3-files, right click, copy, create a new directory like "My Shortcuts from mp3", right click again, paste, insert shortcut/link ("Verknüpfung einfügen" -> I don't know the exact command in english).

Then you have to add the shortlinks to Mp3tag. Unfortunately, this doesn't work the usual way (add the entire directory with or mark multiple shortcuts, right click and choose Mp3tag). You have to add first a single shortcut with a right click to Mp3tag and then drag&drop the other one additonally.

Now, you will see the content of the ORIGINAL mp3.

But to be honest: I can't see your "enormous potential for creating and structuring user dependend "virtual" catalogs". :astonished: