Cover art for an AAC file?

Hello all,

I have an AAC file reported by MP3Tag to contain an "APEv2 (APEv2)" tag and to require
an "MPEG-4 AAC LC ADTS" codec.

I can edit all the information fields (Title, Artist, Album, etc.) successfully, BUT I cannot add cover
art to the file. The "Add cover..." option is grayed out.

Is MP3Tag capable of adding cover art to AAC files or not? Am I doing something wrong, perhaps?

Many thanks for any help and/or suggestions.

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see here: /t/8635/1

Thanks for your response!

I read the topic that you linked above.

In fact I tried changing the .aac extension of my file to .mp4. The various players still play it fine,
and the "Add cover..." option in MP3Tag is no longer grayed out. However, when I do add a cover
and try to save it, I get the error: "file.mp4 cannot be opened for writing."

How can I place an AAC file in an MP4 container?

Thanks again, very much!


you would have to convert the aac file to mp4 with an audio converter. Probably xmediarecode can do that.
The error message indicates that another program tries to access the file.

Not necessarily.
MP3Tag gives this error message also if it just is not able to write tags to a file.
Marked cover files
or problematic wave-files.
.wav cannot be opened for writing replicable bug