Cover copy/paste increases cover size

I'm using version 2.49 german.

I copy the cover from one file to another, doing:

  1. delete cover in file A
  2. save
  3. for file B copy cover to clipboard (cover is 31kb)
  4. for file A insert cover from clipboard (new cover is now 79kb)
  5. save

This gives me problems because my Philips Blue Ray Player only supports cover size up to 60kb.

Insert cover from file is OK.
So a workaround would be to extract cover from file A and then insert in file B.

Example cover was uploaded

Please read from here and Florian's (The Developer) explanation.


Thank you for your answer. Seems I could have found it myself with a search in forum.

Having spent hours with copy/paste the situation is somehow frustrating. Copy/Paste shouldn't change the data.

Anyway, Thanks to developer for this useful program.

I've changed the copy-paste behavior with Mp3tag v2.95a.

Besides the DIB version that is used to create the JPEG, Mp3tag now also copies the actual image data to the clipboard and prefers that when pasting internally.

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This change is highly appreciated! Thank you @Florian!

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