Crashes and can not be restarted

I have found a major bug that causes MP3Tag to crash and when you try to restart it saids it doesn't have permission for the resourse or resourse is not available.
There are some CD's on CD DB that the artist is in the title field and the title is in the artist field. When you do a filename to filename conversion with %1 - %2 as old pattern and %2 - %1 as the new pattern that works fine until you then do a filename to tag after that. It does some of them and crashes and when you try to resart mp3tag it tells me the I don't have permission for the resourse or resourse is not available. The only way I have found to be able to use MP3tag again is to do a complete restart of the computer

How do you start MP3Tag?
Do you first start the program and then load files
do you start using the context menue for files?

And not to forget:

especially the part about checking the files for integrity.
Also, some information about
the OS version,
the file location,
the file types
would be nice.

Firstly I am starting the program first and then going to the directory on my hdd to do the renameing of the wav files. I am using Windows 7 Ulimate OS and they are new files from another ripping program and I don't have any other problems opening them with any other program. It seems to only crash MP3tag when you do both of the operations in the program one after the other. If you only do one or the other then close the program it doesn't crash

There are some programs that write unvalid headers to wave-files. Mp3Tag refuses to handle them.
What does MP3Tag say if you have a look at the extended Tag-view (ALT-t)?

If your wave-files are corrupted, the easiest way to rapair them is to re-encoe them with ffmpeg:

Can you please provide the following details that might help in making progress on this bug report:

  1. Is this crash reproducible using the latest version Mp3tag v3.14a?

  2. If it crashes, does it ask you to save a crash dump? If so, please do so and send it. If not, please send %APPDATA%\Mp3tagError.log in the version right after it crashed.

  3. Please send a screenshot of the error message that reports missing permissions.

Yes it does it in the latest version 3.14a. No asking to save crash dump the program just dissapears with no hint as to why. When you go to restart MP3tag you get the message about not having permission. Nothing is written into the log file. It only does it when you do many files in one go. I just tryed doing 32 and it crashed. I know the header of the file isn't bad as I can do fine if you do one operation then shut down and restart mp3tag before doing the other. No other program is accessing the file

Mp3tagError.log (1.9 KB)

I have attached log file and screenshot

As you are treating WAV files with 3.14 - and there have been changes in 3.14a for wav files - could you try the updated version?

I updated to 3.14A and even after a complete re-boot of the computer (completely shut down) I could not re-start MP3tag. I still got the above error. I have gone back to 3.14 as 3.14a is totally useless to me at the moment, At least with 3.14 I can use the program after a re-boot
If you do the filename to filename conversion then shut down MP3tag and re-start it and do the filename to tag conversion all is good and it does it fine

Regarding the error message: are you running Mp3tag from the Explorer context menu or directly via a shortcut to the actual Mp3tag.exe, e.g., from the start menu or the Desktop?

Thanks for the log file, it states

File is already in use (C:\Users\JsBirds2\Desktop\Billy Joel\Billy Joel - Allentown.wav)

which indicates that another program is locking the file for access.

Given the changes from v3.14 to v3.14a, this doesn't make sense and indicates that there is a different problem.

Are you sure that there is no other program or service running in the background and checking file access? This could be an indexing program or a virus- or malware-scanner.

I'm starting the program first from the start menu I don't have the explorer context enabled.

As far as other programs accessing the file. I have temp disabled my virus protection as that was the first thing I thought of as I have had problems with Audacity that were antivirus related. It made no difference for MP3tag
I don't have any other programs running. As I said before if I do one thing at a time and do a restart in between is works fine. It is only if you try to do both one after the other that the problem arises.

This is a behaviour that I cannot reproduce (resp. do not have to reproduce) on any of my PCs.
I can treat thousands of files in on go without the need to restart.

How do you then explain the Windows message from the log

I have no idea why I am getting the error that it can not acess the file. the only thing possible is that it is not releasing it after doing the first operation before doing the second. I am not a programer and don't have acess to the code, I have given you all the information that you have asked for so I will just have to remember to shut the program down if I want to do more than one thing to a file if I want to pevent the error untill a solution is found

There are programs around that let you see which programs access a file, e.g. the process explorer by sysinternals. It's free and you will find a download page for it.

It may be an idea to install that program and let it have a look who likes the wav files.

I'm moving this to #bug-reports:no-bugs after no further progress is made in identifying the issue.

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