Crashing when working with opus files

often, i try to tag a .opus file, mp3tag crashes. just wanted to know if this is happening to anyone else

It works fine here, at least using the latest version v3.04a. Can you send be an example file via PM or email that produces the crash?

i am using 3.04a. i am not sure what causes the crash it just happens when i try to edit a tag. i will send you a file by email

Thanks for the example file, it doesn’t crash here. Is there anything special you’re doing to provoke the crash?

And are you getting an error message or a crash dump?

its happening at the moment. i just copy paste tags onto opus files and mp3tag hangs up, and most of the time crashes. no error message. sometimes it just hangs for a while then goes through.

well. you may provide sample tag you copy & paste into file.
May be some special characters or tag length producing that crash.

i am currently redownloading my library into opus. so i am just copying the tags from the mp3 files and pasting them onto the opus files.

i can send u an example if you like