Create a Master Tag file


Good work BTW this is a great tool, I have sent a donation.
I need to crate a 'Master' tag that has album, artist, album artist, genre, comment and front cover graphic stored as a file somewhere so that I can use it to tag new files.

We generate new files daily and the method I use at the moment is to copy an existing tag and paste to the new file, this involves jumping around directories etc.

Is this possible

Huw Peters

Thanks, Huw!

I'd suggestion using an action group that sets the common fields via Format value actions and an Import cover from file action for the cover art.

You can check

for details and if you get stuck somewhere, just let me know.

You can copy the content of 1 file (Master File), mark other files and paste this content there. This is not restricted to a single tag.

You also can define an action group:
Type: Format Value
Field: ALBUM
Format String: your content

and for the other tag-fields the same, all in one action group

I think this is better and more comfortable. You just need 1 click to put the "master-file-content" to new files.

Awsome..this app just gets better. Managed to set all the fields, front cover graphic AND convert Filename to Title tag in one click.

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