Create an action to copy from one field to another


I am pretty new to mp3tag and I know that there is some info on this elsewhere, but the scripting in mp3tag is rather confusing to me.

Any and all help is appreciated!!

First, I don't really know the difference between "values" and "fields".

I am attempting to create an action that will copy the tags I download or create myself, like a list of musicians or composers so they will appear under another tag heading, like composers.

I have looked here for help, but I am still no closer to creating such an action.

Any help in this area would be appreciated.

Have you tried the FAQs?

Give this a shot and maybe it is what you are looking for:

  • On the Actions menu select Actions
  • Click the Star icon on the right for a New action
  • Give it a descriptive name
  • Click the Star icon on the right again in the new window
  • In the 'Select Action Type' drop down choose 'Format Value'
  • Click OK
  • [Field:] either select the field you want formatted or type in the name if it isn't listed
  • [Format String:] this is what you want the selected field to be when the action runs
  • Click OK
  • Select the tracks you want formatted and under the Actions menu select for new action

For example:
[Field:] Composer
[Format String:] %artist%

If it doesn't work the way you intended there is an undo button on the main menu (left pointing blue arrow). Play with it until you get it working the way you want. You can add many steps to one action but you must be careful that one action does not undo what you wanted. For example, I have an action that I named 'Master Format' that has 107 separate steps. Hope this helps and happy tagging.

Thanks a million... now I can figure the rest out from here I think.... thanks to everyone for the help!! :w00t: