Create Batch-Files using the export feature

Hi Folks,

I do not know if somebody had already the same idea or if it is very sensible, but I abused the export feature to create Batch-files.
The examples attached to this posting create batch files, that copy selected files to a certain subfolder of the folder the exported batch file has been written to using different data fields to create the sub-folder structure. The batch-file copies the particular mp3-file first to the %temp%-folder before it writes it to the final folder. This is because coping directly form USB-Device to USB-Device takes longer then form and to internal hard disk to USB-device on my system.

The nice thing is that the batch file can be executed after export. Just click yes when "display file now?" is prompted.

These are only examples. The possibilities of other export configurations in this manner should be endless

bat_copy_dir_album_artist.mte (406 Bytes)

bat_copy_dir_orgdir.mte (402 Bytes)

bat_copy_dir_relative_dir.mte (538 Bytes)

bat_hahn_dir_album_no_CD.mte (557 Bytes)

Thanks für the bats. I use the bat_copy_dir_relative_dir.mte but I don't know, where I have to write the directory where the copied files should go to. Whre do I write %temp%= My folder ??

you can specify the name for the export data in the dialogue where you select the export script. The data from that dialogue overwrites the specification in the script.

You can use property variables for the filename like %_directory%\%album%.m3u

After a quick view into the Mp3tag MTE file, which in turn creates a DOS BAT file, I would say you have to adapt the second DOS XCOPY command, because there is the target folder defined.

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