Create extra shortcuts in folders/playlists

Do I understand we can use MP3Tag to sort .mp3 files into folders based on the contents of their tags...

Bear with me here, because this might get a little “abstract”... :wink:

I’ve always wished that I could use iTunes Smart Playlists to “browse” my .mp3 library in Ableton Live. But, alas, no such thing is possible. :slightly_frowning_face:

BUT - could I somehow duplicate iTunes Smart Playlists, by setting up some rules in MP3Tag to create folders of .mp3s based on their tags?

But what about .mp3s that appear in more than 1 smart playlist? Wouldn’t we need duplicates of the .mp3 for each smart playlist “folder” that it appears in?


But, Ableton Live recognises shortcuts you files as if it was the actual file itself. So, maybe, we could get away with a single “original” .mp3 in a folder, and then, shortcuts to that original in any additional folders that the file would appear in.

Am I into something here? Or have I put 2 and 2 together and came up 5???

I don't understand the obsession with folders ... why can't you use simple playlists that leave the files where they are.
You can filter in MP3tag for almost the same kind of criteria as the automatic playlists in iTunes.
YOu can then create a playlist in MP3tag which is just a static as a folder.
But, you can create as many playlists as you can think of new criteria.
And as the files stay in place and the playlist is only a reference where the file can be found, you don't have to create any additional files or file links.

It’s because I want to use the in-built browser in Ableton Live.

That browser only reflects what in explorer, and cannot read or use tags.

I know it’s an odd use case...

Playlists have nothing to do with tags. They are just plain text files with filename references. So if your player can cope with playlists, there you are.
Otherwise, if the player is confined to file system limitations , you will probably have to live with duplicates.
Or have a look at this thread, perhaps it helps:

Ableton Live is not a player. It is music production s/w (a DAW) that can play .mp3’s, but can’t read their tags. Nor can it read any type of playlist.

It can read and navigate Explorer folders, though, and treats shortcuts to mp3 files as if they were the actual file.

Did you know that there is a function to copy all selected files to a single folder?
Like that it should be possible to get a set of files, all duplicates, though.
Still, it should be possible to copy the files to such a folder that is unique for your purpose so that you can easily delete it after the task.

I think the thread that you linked to probably has the answer. But it’s in a language I don’t fully understand...

Also, you might create a Mp3tag tool to create shortcuts by using NirCmd.

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Tell me more about that, please?

Download NirCmd:

Compose and test a NirCmd command line, using Windows command line interface, to create a shortcut as desired.
It will be in this form (that's all 1 line):
"C:\Path\to\NirCmd\nircmd.exe" shortcut "W:\Path\to\Audio File\any.mp3" "W:\Path\To folder\to collect\shortcuts" "Name of Shortcut"

Create a Mp3tag tool that uses cmd.exe to execute the NirCmd command for all selected files.
See here:
The parameter of the tool will be in this form:
/c START "" "C:\Path\to\NirCmd\nircmd.exe" shortcut "%_path%" "W:\Path\To folder\to collect\shortcuts" "$replace(%_path%,\,-,:, )"

Do you think we could use NirCmd, along with an iTunes .xml, to generate a "dummy" or "mirror" of an iTunes Library, in Windows Explorer, (as a Folder Structure that would reflect the Playlists/Smart PlayLists in iTunes), and then populate those folders with SHORTCUTS to the .mp3 files?

So, we'd effectively have a folder structure, with no real .mp3's in the folders, but each folder would have shortcuts to every .mp3 file that the mirrored iTunes Playlist has?

Obviously, we'd need to update the new Windows Explorer Folder Structure every time we added files to iTunes...

Could it be done? Could someone with some programming knowledge pull it off? 'Cos, that's something I'd pay for!!!