Create Folders Name From Tag

I'm trying find a way to organize my folders to show:

Artist - Album - Year.

I'm manually doing this. Using Discog, I copy the album name, move to Artist, create a new folder and write Folder name., but i've purchased music which has this format. Not sure what program can do this.

Currently my folders look like this"

Michael Jackson:

  • Bad
  • Thriller
  • Invincible

I would like each sub-folder to have it's on name

Michael Jackson:
Michael Jackson - Bad - 1991
Michael Jackson - Thriller - 1985
Michael Jackson - Invincible - 1998

I'm thinking I can build a new field that combines
Artist - Album - Year
and then just copy and paste to a new folder.

Does anyone have a system like that/ Can MP3Tag do this or is there a folder program i can use.


There are 2 more or less automatic ways to get a new files and folder structure with the help of MP3tag:

If you already have the right amount of folders - only the have not yet got the correct name, then try something like this:
Load the files, select them (you can load files from several albums at once).
Create an action of the type "Format value" for _DIRECTORY
Format string: %artist% - %album% - %year%
and "Bad" should become "Michael Jackson - Bad - 1991" provided, the fields are filled with the right data.

If you still want to distribute files from one folder to several others, use the function Convert>Tag-Filename.
Enter the path and filename with text constants and field variables, e.g.

d:\music\%artist%\%artist% - %album% - %year%$num(%track%,2) - %title%

Wow!!! That is exactly what I wanted to do... it works perfectly. Thanks!!!!