Create playlist by discnumber ?


Creating a simple playlist for the whole album works fine. But is there any way to create a playlist by discnumber?

In my album folder the mp3´s are in same folder. Separeted by different discnumber´s.

If I for example have a 2CD album I want to create 2 playlist, one for disc 1 and one for disc 2.



This is exactly what I am looking for also! I want to create an export to create a playlist for say CD1 and CD2 etc so I can add this to my tagging automation when I create an html file... Say as the album is loaded into the program I could select all (CD1 & CD2) and it would create 2 playlist based on the number of albums/cd's.

I just want to be clear that I know how to create 1 playlist for the whole album say if it contains 2 cd's, but I would also like to create 2 more playlists 1 for each cd. All files are in the same folder. It would be great if I could add the export so that it is all automated.

Any help would be appreciated!

Would I use something like this:


in Tools ->Options ->Playlist

or would I need to create an export somehow?

This is what I have now:


This creates one playlist for the enitre album which I want but I would also would like to break it up into individual cd's also. I just cant figure out how to create additional playlist for the album if it has 2 or more cd's... Unless I do it manually by selecting individual files...

I found my answer! -