creating an action plan to add role/name (;)

How to create an action plan to deterine role/name and add a ;.

Discogs format under pone script looks as so (role/name):

Bass, Vocals: Alex Malheiros

Drums, Synthesizer [Arp 2600]: Ivan Conte (Mamão)

Keyboards, Vocals, Percussion: Jose Roberto Bertrami

Currently, I manually cut / paste the info and then add a ;.

In those instance where Discogs doesn't provide any metatag, I would like to add my own info with the same format. Is it possible to create an action to determine (role/name)? and then add a ;

Where do you want to add that semicolon? I can see nothing but text without it.
If you want to append a field with a certain string, see the FAQs

The semicolon would be placed after each (role / name)

as such:

Bill Evans - Piano;
Flora Purim - vocals;
Stanley Clarke - Bass;

Just to be clear, using the example below. Let's say I cut an paste the personnel on this album. Instead of manually adding a semicolon to each role/ name i wanted and action.

Sonny Rollins – tenor saxophone
Kenny Dorham – trumpet
Elmo Hope – piano
Percy Heath – bass
Art Blakey – drums


Sonny Rollins – tenor saxophone;
Kenny Dorham – trumpet;
Elmo Hope – piano;
Percy Heath – bass;
Art Blakey – drums;

using another action $regexp($regexp(%performers%,(;$|;([\r\n])),$1\r\n----------------------------),;$,) becomes:

Sonny Rollins – Tenor Saxophone

Kenny Dorham – Trumpet

Elmo Hope – Piano

Percy Heath – Bass

Art Blakey – Drums

If you want to add the semicolon to the "line feed carriage return" characters then use a "simple" action of the type "Replace with regular expression" for the field where you have the roles.
Format string:
Replace string:

This will also add a semicolon to the separator lines.
If you want to get rid of this, use "Replace" for the field where you have the roles.
Format string:
Replace string:

Works perfectly...