Creating Macros

Hi Yall,
I would like a program or suggestion that allows me to hit a button my keyboard and have it paste in a word. I have lots of music to sort and would love to be able to just hit the (#1) and have the word "Trap" appear or ("Hip Hop) in genre category instead of always having to type everything in from scratch. Any suggestions? thanks

MP3tag does not have this feature.
But there is the clipboard ... Ctrl-V would do it.

But perhaps you get familiar with the MP3tag approach and you think of filters or sorting orders so that you can group files together that need the same treatment. For these you can apply actions or set the same value for fields. That should be much faster.

Try this little windows app ( if you use the shortcut ctrl+alt V (which is completly costomisable in the preferences) it will pop up your most recently used copies OR pre-determined favourites you've done and then you can press the number relating to the word. It even supports images :slight_smile:

You can save actions like that for quick access:

Actions > Actions [Alt+6]
New Action Group [Alt+N]
Name it: &Genre#&Trap or: &Genre#&1: Trap or &Trap or: &1: Trap
New Action [Alt+N]: Format Value
Field: GENRE
Format string: Trap

Now you can access it via the 3-steps keyboard shortcut:
Alt+A [opens the action menu]
G [opens the genre selection as i gave it in the example (&Genre), you can skip that if you use the third or fourth name suggestion above)
T [selects &Trap] or 1 [selects &1: Trap]

No ctrl+v needed for things like that

Thank you all for such awesome quick responses, I will work on these and get back with yall, thanks

This is a really useful thread!

Is there a way to use keyboard shortcuts to pick from a list of genres?

The fact that in this example, Trap is labelled as "1", leads me to believe that this is possible! (I hope...)

What I mean is, can you set up a process where you would go:

Alt+A [opens the action menu]
G [opens the genre selection as i gave it in the example (&Genre)
1 [selects &1: Trap], or;
2 [selects &2: Hip-Hop], or;
3 [selects &3: Breakbeat], etc...

I'm sure it's possible - I just can't get the syntax down!

Never mind - I sorted it!

sorry, for reviving an old thread, but I would like to know if there is an option to set up a shortcut/macro for a whole group of actions?
Grouping (like mentioned above) works, but I do not want to select each action individually. What I am looking for is an option to do all actions of a group automatically via shortcut.

Grouping 1Action, 2Action, 3Action, 4Action and 5Action is possible. And the shortcuts would be "Alt+A", "Alt+G", "Alt+1", "Alt+2", "Alt+3", "Alt+4", "Alt+5". You have to press a lot of shortcuts multiple times everytime.
But isn't there a possibility to just press "Alt+A" [to open action menu] and then only having to press "Alt+G" [for Group1] once so that it executes each action in this group successively? That would be really nice and timesaving.
Thanks ahead.

You can already put several actions into an action group. So calling that group would then execute all the included actions.

You may have noticed the check boxes in the Actions dialogue.
Ticking an entry in the list of action groups and then clicking OK will execute all the selected action groups with their actions from top to bottom of the action groups list.
So Alt-6 [Enter] would be the shortcut.

Yes, but this only works if you have already/previously marked/checked your actions. So if only one action was checked then "Alt+6 [Enter]" would perform the "last recent" action(s).
What I tried to say (and I think the OP and the other users, too) is that predefining groupings by name or shortcut. Plus make it "clickable" directly via drop-down-menu would be nice (for now if you click on a group via drop-down-menu it mostly does nothing since for a group there is mostlikely no "direct" action written, because it only serves the function of grouping without having an own action).

Indeed. The same would happen, if you had only one action in your actions calling action.
Perhaps "ticking an entry" was a little too narrow on my side: you can tick more or less all action groups that you have ever defined and then Alt-6-Enter would excecute them all.
If you select just one from the dropdown list in the toolbar or the actions menu would execute just this one.
So if you ticked

and use Alt-6-Enter all 5 action groups would be executed.

The problem of user-defined shortcuts is a different topic IMHO.

Ah okay. We were writing about the same thing (I guess).

Well, where to find or adress this problem? Is there or will there be an solution for that?

Please use the search word "shortcut" and you will find numerous threads about this topic - so the idea is by far not new.

Besides Autohotkey, isn't there another way? Would be nice if it could be possible without having to install other applications or in other words: Please make it possible directly within Mp3tag-applicaiton. Thanks.