Creating or editing tags for 24bit WAV files

I'm a bit of a newbie to this stuff but have been editing MP3 and FLAC files with no problems for years - even 16bit WAV files
But I have a group of 24bit WAV files. When I try to edit existing tags I can do it but when I save them, all of the tags are removed except the Windows file name. After that the files seem locked and I can do nothing else.

This sounds weird — do you still have one of the original files which you can share with me so that I can analyze the issue?

Thanks for a prompt reply Florian - much appreciated.
Yes I do. They are on an external H/D which I defraged and optimised but I've notice a lot of unmovable files this time. So I moved some files to another drive but it did not make any difference.

This might be a stupid question but how do I share a couple of files with you? One shows how it was and the other what editing and saving did. I just tried to add them here but I can only send pic files

You can share them via, e.g., WeTransfer and send me the link.

Never used We Send it like that - neat so heres the link. " files one kept it's tags except the album cover the other lost everything except the windows 10 file name.

I can't reproduce that with Mp3tag v3.11b. Do the tags also dissapear in Mp3tag or only in a different program?

The tags disappear when I'm using Mp3tag. I've had some other responses including looking at the files in an audio editor - in my case audacity. But I still have the original zip files I downloaded so I might try a fresh start with the folder that has the problems.

But everybody else seems to have edited the tags without problem, assuming they have not turned them in to 16bit WAV, FLAC or MP3 files first so I will try a fresh down load and install the program again.

If you can reproduce with the original and untouched files, please send a copy for me to analyze.