Creating title ID tag from file name WITHOUT the leading track #

New user here.

Hopefully someone can help me with what I thought would be one of the most commonly needed features that would just have a built in "button". After spending over an hour trying to figure this out, apparently it is not... :huh:

I have files named like this:

01 Visions.flac
02 Tell it to Me.flac
03 Mystery.flac

I want to create ID tags without the leading track number, so they are like this:

Tell it to Me

I have not been able to create title ID tags that don't simply take the whole file name.

This is pretty much the reason I have this program, so any help on this is massively appreciated!

Please see
How to import parts of the filename into the tag? and
How to rename files based on tags? (both from the FAQ)

I did read over this, but was not able to figure it out. I'm generally pretty savvy, but am having a hard time grasping the structure of the program and how it works. I think I am just missing an uderstanding of a couple key fundamentals.

Having a comprehensive understanding of what and how things work in the program would be beneficia as I get into using it, but currently I will pretty much be using it to do two things. One is auto numbering tracks - which is simple and I have figured this out.

The other item is creating title ID tags from file names. If someone could just give me a step-by-step "for dummies" guide on this, it would be appreciated - what to enter in which box after selecting the files and going to the generate tags screen. I think seeing this, would probably help me grasp how the program works and help with using it for more advanced functions as I move forward.

Looking at what you've put in the version number field, I'm not even sure if you're using the Mp3tag which is covered at these forums.

If your files already have the song title filled in, it's simply using the converter Tag - Filename with
as formatstring.

If the song title is empty, you can use the converter Filename - Tag with
%track% %title%
as formatstring and then use the converter Tag - Filename as described above.

Kind regards
– Florian

Thanks...entering "%# %T" in the format area was what I needed...and understand the function of this now.

Also, I am using mp3tag Pro 9.5. Am I in the right support forum?

No :slight_smile: See

Sorry about that...didn't realize that I was using a competing program with a similar name. Just downloaded the trial version to try out and am not familiar enough with it that this was apparent to me.

Thanks for trying to help though...