I get my cuesheets from Cuesheet Heaven which is a pretty good archive for electronic music cue files.
Until now, i used to edit the cuesheet manually. Changed the filename of the target mp3 file as first step. Then put it into mp3tag and edited album and performer to correspond with the target mp3.

Now I made a little export file. It writes only the head of the cuesheet. Performer, Album, Filename, Filetype. But it does so using the tag information of the target audio file. So as a second step, I have to copy and paste the track information from the Cuesheet Heaven page. This step is still manual by opening the cuesheet with notepad.
(Without this second step you just have a useless cue file with only one track. When pasting the trackinformation from Cuesheet Heaven, you have to overwrite this one track, i.e. the last four lines.)

This is slightly faster. Two advancements:

  • I don't have to download the file and drag it to the target folder anymore, since I can copy the cuesheet directly on the Cuesheet Heaven page without download.

  • I don't have to put drag it into mp3tag after manual editing since album & performer are already identical to the target audio file.

    $filename(%_filename%.cue,ansi)PERFORMER "%abumartist%"
    TITLE "%album%"
    FILE "%_filename_rel%" %_extension%
    TITLE "all tracks"
    PERFORMER "%albumartist%"
    INDEX 01 00:00:00
    I set the filename of the exportfile to "%_filename%.cue", so the cuesheet appears right beside the target audio file in the folder.

P.S. (slightly off-topic):
I also was thinking about makeing a web source script for Cuesheet Heaven. But I have no idea how to do it because the site uses javascript so i was not able to write any search command for the script. Also I think I would need to know how many tracks each album has before I run the script to get each track written.
When anybody has any idea how to do this, you are welcome!


Sorry, but I can't understand what you say; my english is not very good hehe, I speak spanish.

Exactly, how do you doing it?

This string:

$filename(cue,ansi)PERFORMER "%abumartist%"
  TITLE "%album%"
  FILE "%_filename_rel%" %_extension%
      TITLE "all tracks"
      PERFORMER "%albumartist%"
      INDEX 01 00:00:00

How to implement this code? You make an action since the same mp3tag? or it is an script saved in: "C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\Mp3tag" ?? Can you clarifier this?

Otherwise, this string write a txt file with index time of all tracks? In this code, where say you to program what is the duration of each song? Don't understand!

I would like simply copy a tracklist into a .txt respecting this format:


01. Soku Time On My Hands                        5:41
02. Bluefish Two                                 5:10
03. Stef, Pako & Frederik Seaside Atmosphere            5:54
04. Pako & Frederik Atlantic Break(er)s                 8:59
05. Trafik Your Light (I'm Dark Calm Electric)            2:49
06. Forth, The Solavox (Traffik's Tambura Psalm)                  6:32
07. Digital Monkeys Skyline                         4:37
08. Forth, The Secret Silence                        1:01
09. Pink Bomb Amsterdam By Night                      5:54
10. Pink Bomb Requiem                            5:01
11. Trafik The Perfume Suite                         7:00

And after of this use an script that write me an cue file that incorporates the info:

index time

Index time is the sum of all durations of each individual track accumulated.

index track 0: 0
index track 1: duration track 0 + duration track 1
index track 2: duration track 0 + duration track 1 + duration tack 2
index track 3: duration track 0 + duration track 1 + duration tack 2 + duration track 3
index end track: duration of original mp3 file - duration of end track

It is possible doing this with an script?

With the fields:


Only necessary copy, it is simple! Only necessary calculate in index time!
How would you doing it?

Thank you!! :slight_smile:

Hi 'vvcepheus7', all your questions are explained in post #1 of OpenPoster 'pone'.
Try it out what 'pone' has layed out how to do it.
Additionally see there:
Generate CUE file from tracklist?

Mp3tag is not a text converter, but a tagging application with reporting feature.
Once you have available a set of splitted single files, then Mp3tag can create a report file about these files, writing the data formatted like a cuesheet file, presumingly you have written the export script to do so.

Use your time to search the internet for working solutions and applications


My script above is a export script:
You can create it within Mp3Tag or: go to the folder %appdata%\Mp3tag\export > create a txt file > copy my script into the file > rename the file into lyrics to cue head.mte

It gives you a cue file. But only with:
So, only the "head" of the cue file.

are not written.
You must get artist, title, indextime from here or a similar internet database.

It is not for converting tracklists to cuesheets as you want to do it.

Now I understand! thanks you! :slight_smile: