Cursor disappears from field after CTRL + N

I'm using MP3 Tag to edit my MP3's. After Update from 3.07 to 3.08 the cursor disappear after CTRL + N to go for then next MP3. Now I have to click in the field (Title) again to put the cursor there. I installed the version 3.07 again and it works fine.

Do you mean the title-field in the tag-panel?
This works here.

I mean the task input mask, activated by CTRL + Q

That is called "Tagpanel". As I wrote I have no cursor problems there with CTRL + N.

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I can confirm the behavior you describe. Pressing CTRL + N switches to the next title in the list (as it is supposed to do) but the the entry field "Title" in the tag panel on the left loses focus, i.e. I have to click it in order to change its content. This appears to be a bug introduced with version V 3.08. I will switch back to V 3.07.

Then there seem to be other additional circumstances that cause this behavior.
As I have already written, in my constellation, despite version 3.08, the field in the tag panel retains its focus after changing with CTRL + N.

Since you do not have this problem it might be caused in connection with the operating system used. I have Windows 10 21H1 (Build 19043.1110) 64 Bit.

I have the same build, but cannot reproduce the behaviour you describe.

Thank you for your answer. So this will probably remain a mystery unless Florian finds out what might cause this.

I have the same. Windows Pro-Edition.

So do I. I forgot to mention that.

Perhaps this helps:
When I press Ctrl-N and a field in the tag panel was originally selected in toto, then, after pressing Ctrl-N the write cursor moves to the front of the field without selection.
When you then switch to a different application and return to MP3tag (give it the focus again), then the whole field in the tag panel is selected. So it may be a little hard to spot where the input focus is.
(This was also tested under W10)

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@ohrenkino: I re-installed V 3.08 now. Strangely, CTRL + N now works as expected, just as you described it. I have no idea what was wrong in the first place but I am glad it works now. Danke für deine Hilfe.

I had an additional report of that via email and I'm asking for your input on v3.10:

  1. Is the focus retained on the Tag Panel field if you navigate to the next file via Ctrl+N?
  2. Is the focus retained on the Tag Panel field if you have enabled auto-saving of tags at Options → Tags, make a change on the Tag Panel, and navigate to the next file via Ctrl+N?

3.10a: behaviour is the same as described in my previous post
Ctrl-N: selection becomes write cursor in the next file, focus stays in the same field in the tag panel.
Options set + Ctrl-N: as above.

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I still had reports in this direction and potentially fixed it with Mp3tag v3.10c.