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The option to create custom genres used to be in the options under "Genres". It's gone. I read that it was under the Edit tab on top, but it's not there. How do I find the custom genres list again?

See the changelog:

[2023-03-09] CHG: consolidated user-defined genres to be also implemented via Tag Panel custom list values and retired Options > Genres.


Consolidated User-defined Genres into Custom List Values

The option to add user-defined genres is now also part of the Custom List Values for the Tag Panel. While it was convenient to have it as a separate section in the configuration options, it makes more sense to have it treated the same as the rest of the fields.

Thanks very much for your help, but that's all just a bunch of gobbledygook to me. The easiest thing is to just go back to 3.19 and disable checking for updates. My tagging needs are limited and change for the sake of change isn't worth having to relearn a new way of doing what I can already do.

It's a great program, though. I'll just stick with what's easiest for me.

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Nobody forces you to use MP3tag...
or a special version of it.
Still, you may see the need to unify the behaviour. There are so many threads that ask for the function to enter user-defined lists of data for fields "just like genre".
And as that function got implemented it was a logical step to treat genre just like the others - which is to attach the list management to the field.
Otherwise if would be puzzling for a number of users to edit other fields, then turn to GENRE only to find that the data cannot be entered there but only with a special function on the options.
So, you don't loose anything, only the access path to the function is a different one.

Please note that you have to learn a new access path also for the numbering wizard if you

[quote="HughManity, post:3, topic:60576"]
back to 3.19

Agreed, however in this case the ability to personalize the genre list is already a relatively new feature, a change itself. The concept was enhanced by adding the same functionality to several other lists. And during that development a much more simple process was built to add or remove to those personalized lists directly from the tag panel.

All of this was born from direct user input here, so definitely not just for the sake of change, but as an evolution to mp3tag.

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I never claimed that I was being forced to use it.
And the auto numbering wizard is just checking the boxes that you want

The wizard got moved from the Extras menu to the Convert menu.
The Options got moved from the Extras menu to the File menu.
So you would have to learn a couple of new tricks, even when you stay with 3.19.

The Auto Numbering Wizard is right on top, where its always been since I found this program. The Custom Genres list has always been in the Options since I first found this program, and that's been for years. I don't get why you keep going on with this. I appreciate your help, I really do, but once you pointed out that the Genres was moved from the Options, going back to, and staying with 3.19, is what works for me. I just don't need anything more than what I already do, and I already have it set up to do what I need it to do.

I'm not clear on how you import a list of composers, genres, conductors from a text file. Is it possible that this could be spelled out in more detail.


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And the Options is right next to the Auto Numbering Wizard. Conveniently, when I click on it, it brings me straight to my Custom Genres. And if I only want to see Custom Genres, I just check the box. I'm really not getting how this could possibly be easier. Or better, for that matter.

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@HughManity and @ohrenkino , I think the back and forth reached a point where it gets unproductive, so I kindly ask you to leave it at that. v3.19 was also a very good release and if someone prefers that over any other future changes and fixes, so it be.

I've created a small screencast for you, let me know if something is unclear:


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Hi Florian,

I tried to import the following txt file but unable to do so. I followed your directions, but all I get is a blank screen. I believe the file is tab limited and it is attached for you to look at. Thanks. Bruce
Classical Composers.txt (81.2 KB)

Do you maybe have to wait a little for the long list being imported? I've tried here and can import the file without problems.

Florian, I tried again and was successful. Thanks very much. Bruce

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I have aprox 43 User-defined Genres that I added before the change. How do I access them again?

If you did just an update installation without changing the installation type then you find them in the options but now in the section Tag panel and the definition for the Genre field and the function "Manage..."

It's been changed. There's a couple more steps now.

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There are also simple keyboard options to add and delete values from the lists right in the tag panel, without the need to open the options panel and submenus.

Use Shift+Return to add the value to the list

Use Shift+Del to remove the value from the list

From the change list for v3.20;
NEW: added keyboard shortcuts Shift+Return to add and Shift+Del to remove custom list values via Tag Panel. (#58937, #60411)

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