Custom tag "Traktor4"...?

So there's a custom tag (cleverly named Traktor4) that holds the BPM, Cue, Loop and beatgrid information in the .mp3 file when the file has been anaylsed in Traktor..

How do I view this tag in MP3Tag? I'd like to be able to show it in the main window, just so that I can see which of my .mp3 files have been through Traktor...

I'd eventually like to be able to do searches like "HAS Traktor4", or "HAS NOT Traktor4", and even set up actions to add a "Y" or "N" character to the Comments tag when a file does have info in the Traktort4 tag...

You see the MP3tag field name in the extended tags dialogue - press Alt-T to open it.
Once you found the right name, you can use a filter like

%traktor4% PRESENT
%traktor4% MISSING
To add a column or a field in the tag panel, see the help

Wow! Thanks for the quick response!

That is exactly what I tried - but nothing is showing...

I thought the Alt-T would show it if it was there, but unfortunately, it doesn't.

so it could be that traktor does not write the data to the files but keeps it somewhere private ....

There's an option Traktors preferences to "Write Tags to File". I have that checked...

What kind of files are we talking about?
What kind of tags (ID3, flac, APE etc.) are in the files?

They are .mp3 files. ID3 tags.

so no APE tags? too bad.
You could examine one of the files for which you know that it must have the traktor field with MP3diags (see here for a link: How to check files for errors?)
This does not mean that the file is broken but MP3diags may show you all the tag fields with their 4-letter-token. It could be that you find a field token called PRIV - this would be a private field that only traktor could read and which has a binary content and is not supported by MP3tag.
If you do not find anything like it, then it is unlikely that traktor has written the field.

Okay - I did find a tag called PRIV using MP3diags - it shows "PRIV size=84928".

So, I guess MP3Tag cannot read the information in there?

But, can MP3Tag tell me if the PRIV tag is populated or not in a list of .mp3's?

No it can't tell you that there is a PRIV frame in the file - has been wished for a couple of times but that's the way it is.

I found a thread that says something about the TRAKTOR4 field:

and a link to an explanation.

Okay. Looks like we're gonna have to admit defeat on this one. :sleepy:

Thanks for your help.

Bumping for further discussion.

It looks likes TRAKTOR4 tag is readable in MP3Tag when it is attached to a .FLAC file. Why, then, can't MP3Tag read it in an .mp3 file?

Because Traktor writes that field for mp3 files in a PRIV field - and they are not read by MP3tag.
Flac files have a different tag: no ID3 tags but vorbis comment tags.

Okay - I understand. :frowning_face:

@Florian This has been asked before, but, is it realistic to feature request some way to validate/confirm if a PRIV tag exists in a file/list of files? This would be super useful in creating Smart playlists with a condition like "hasTRAKTOR4" or "hasPRIV".

That way, we could have separation in our libraries for those tracks that have already been prepared, and those that have not .

This would be an EXTREME time saver for me.

It's not a direct solution for your request, but maybe sill helpful:

As you can see, this very special PRIV field (containing binary data) in mp3 files isn't that easy to read or even edit.