Customising tags for my specific MP3 collection

Hi, back in June I asked how it would be possible to customise the Genre List, so that, when entering any new track, I would be presented only with the Genres that I use in my collection.

I was shown how to achieve this, and it works a treat!

I would now like to know whether I can extend this to the Composers' and Artists' lists respectively?

having a real interest in languages, I always like to enter the composers' names with all the accents and diacritics that appear in their original language spelling. As I have a large number of Polish CDs , if I'm not uniform with the spelling of a composer's name, for example, the subtle differences create separate versions of that composer, and their works.

Similarly, for example, if I'm adding a fresh track by Rachmaninov, having 'Rachmaninov' already in the data base ensures that I don't spell it as 'Rachmaninoff' who will then theoretically be a different composer.

The areas where this is important are Composers, and Artists, so as not to cause duplication. It also is so much more helpful, when confronted with an artist's, or composer's name I know, but, without looking at a similar pre-entered track with the same artist/composer, there's no way from the current respective data bases for me to do this far more quickly.

Is it, then, possible to edit these fields in the same way as I was able to the Genres field, and which works a treat!

Many thanks, in anticipation.

In short: Yes.
Except for _SEPARATOR all field definitions for the tag panel behave in the same way.

A look at the documentation would also have revealed the features:

Additional details are described here.


I've had another idea I'd like to try:

At the moment the Genres pop-down list is set up to my liking. One question here: while I will rarely need to add a new genre entry to the saved list, I needed to, the other day, which was fine for the new entry, but will I physically need to add this to my genre list, or is there a way for this to be added automatically?

With regards the Album, Artist, and Composer fields, if I didn't want to add them to their respective dropdown lists - as I can't quite see how to do this - would it be possible to save each list separately, perhaps in some kind of Excel file, or, better, a docx file?

if I did want to save either the Composer, or Artist field within MP3 tag, is there any way you could show me the steps, as I'm always afraid I'll screw up years of hard work?

In the screen shot below, for example, I can't seem to be able to select and save all the content of a single field only, as the whole page gets sucked in?

Many thanks in anticipation,


I don't think that plain text data is better saved in rich format files.
You can export each list to a separate file with the Manage... functions and Export ... and Import ...

If you want to add a single, current entry of one field (e.g. ARTIST) then press Shift+Enter.

You can see the current definitions for each list with the Manage... functions.

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