Customize for Mobile device

I have just started using this device programing to fix and customize the tags on my audio files.
For my main players on my Computers are great working, but, to add the audio files to my Cell Phone (A Motorola RAZR V3 able to use .mp3), they are bizarre!

Does any one know about this Issue?

Basically, on my cell phone.
When I select the Music part then any other selections (All Songs, Playlist, Artist, Album, Genres), they come up alphabetically instead of Track numbering.

I have tried to modify the Title so the list will come up numerically per (Album) set, but ti dosen't change the way I wont it to.

Example; (form Help data)

  • Pad decimal number with leading zeros
  • Command: $num(x,y)
  • (my setting)
  • Example: $num(2,%title%,3)
(It comes out blank)

I don't know enough about the scripting process to make different settings.

This set I am trying to custom change is 1189 (.mp3 's) audio files, in 66 folders. It is an Audio set of the King James Version Bible.

Any more detailed info needed??

Thank you, very much, for this Excellent "Open Source" Tag Tool.

If you have track number tags you can write
$num(%track%,2) - %title%

PS: It's freeware, but not open source

Thanks for your response "dano"

I tried it and did not work, Is there a proper way??

You must create an action to use this string on a tag field.
See /t/967/1

Action type: Format value
Field: TITLE
Format string: $num(%track%,2) - %title%

Are all your titles "Genesis 1" ? (Too bad you cut the screenshot there)

The reverse might be even better:

%title% - $num(%track%,2)

so you get Genesis 1 - 01, Genesis 1 - 02, ...

Use the tracknumber wizard [Ctrl+k] first if you don't have proper track numbers.

Great Info/Idea "dano"

Each of the files are numbered in the folder; (Title - tag)

  • Genesis 1
  • Genesis 2
  • Genesis 3
  • Exodus 1
  • Exodus 2
  • Exodus 3
What I would like to do is,
  • 1 Genesis 01
  • 1 Genesis 02
  • 1 Genesis 03
  • 2 Exodus 01
  • 2 Exodus 02
  • 2 Exodus 03

As I said, there are 1189 files and I want them to show up in proper order on my cell phone.
I will experiment with it and try to learn the scripting process correctly.

Thanks "dano"