Cut filename MP3 for mastering?

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I have read the action that trim the file name for mastering the file and dont have problem during mastering of the file on cd.
I have try it but it font cut my file after n character!! Can anyone help me for resolve this problem! i dont want have the problem of file cut from nero and cannot played from winamp because the file have different name from list name.
Silvio from Italy

Please try to explain your problem a little bit more - I'm sorry, but I don't get it.

~ Florian

With the action CD-R The name of the mp3 that i selected in windows of the program not are cut after 60 character for havent problem in nero for save on cd the file. Can i cut the name of file in Mp3tag with this action or with other operation?
Bye Silvio

Now I've got it :slight_smile:

Simply create a new action Shorten filenames to 64 characters and don't forget to update your playlists after cutting the filenames.

~ Florian