Cyrillic to Latin conversion

Thanks Florian for the great program!

My small contribution to community (attached) -
this is little archive of Mp3Tag action files for converting all Cyrillic characters into Latin everywhere in mp3s (including filename). It helps me to curb Philips ShoqBox GoGear PSS 120 - most stupid device I ever seen. 4NT-script which I use is also included.

To use this actions you have to extract this files into folder like
C:\Documents and Settings<>\Application Data\Mp3tag\data\actions\

Best regards,
Pavel Severov (2.19 KB)

Very big Thanks to Florian for this great Program an to Pavel for the convert ability :slight_smile:

You wouldn't have to spend your time on this if you search forum first:
Share your custom Actions

Besides posting to that topic (Share your custom Actions) would be more appropriate IMO.