Czech tags with special characters don't show up correctly

I have a problem with my Czech song names not showing correctly in my phone.
I think it has something to do with formatting (ASCII, UTF-8)
I have Cyanogenmod 13 - Android 6.0 and using the default cm13 Music app.
I have also tried Google Play Music app but the problem is still there.
In my Windows 7 it shows up correctly.
How it looks like now
How it should look like:
Just thought to give you the charachters that are not showing up well:

Check the settings in File>Options>Tags>Mpeg.

Either you have UTF-8 and V2.4 tags
or you have UTF-16 and V2.3 tags.

It is a known issue that V2.4 tags are not shown properly in the Windows properties.
You would have to check if V2.4 is actually supported by the player devices.
Otherwise, reset the tags that MP3tag writes to V2.3 UTF-16 and save the tags again.