Dedicated app for Mac OSX


I would like to ask about any works being conducted under development of MP3tag version for Mac OSX only?

As a MAC user, I would really appreciate, of your app could have been available for my system regardless of any other supporting installers (like WineBottler). MP3tag is not a new project on the computer-music-management market as well all the MAC OSX system.

I my opinion, it would be worth developing a mac-based app, while there are growing numbers of Apple stuff users.


See teh FAQs: /t/9889/1

I have created an OS X version of Mp3tag-v2.65a using the following instructions:

If it's OK with the Mp3tag developer, I can make available via Dropbox.

I tried this version - its fantastic thx!!!!!!!! No parallels anymore for editing MP3s. Please add the latest 'wine'-version on the MP3tag site and update the faqs entry....

THX A LOT!!!!! :music: :w00t: