Delete fields from command line

How can I delete this field in the command line? I use command line software to remove unnecessary tags, but I can't get this particular tag deleted, as I don't know precisely how to address it.

Not at all. There are no command line parameters for tag manipulation.

I know that, but I was wondering if you know of any software that can accomplish the feat via the command line. I am working on some scripts. I want to automatically strip some tags, but this one stubbornly refuses to go away.

I thought maybe you would have the technical know-how to recommend something. :huh:

No, sorry, I am quite happy with the GUI features of MP3tag and the built-in scripting functions.
Also, the approach "load once, manipulate many times" seems to me superior to a solution "scan through library again for every manipulation" which is probably the consequence of a commandline solution.

Unfortunately, I need an automated solution with zero human interaction so that's not gonna work.

Maybe you can make it work using Case's tag.exe

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— Florian

If you have a dbPowerAmp Reference license you can use the CLI like so

"C:\Program Files\dBpoweramp\CoreConverter.exe" -infile="1.mp3" -outfile="1.mp3" -convert_to="[ID Tag Update]" -delsingle0="COMMENT ID3V1 COMMENT"

It's the only Windows CLI tool I know of that can write those type of comment fields. There is a trial version available at

I just discovered that the latest version of ID3 mass tagger can also do this now!

id3.exe -2 -rCOMM:"ID3V1 COMMENT":eng 1.mp3

and also supports recursion e.g.

id3.exe -2 -rCOMM:"ID3V1 COMMENT":eng -R *.mp3