Delete repeated word

Hi, I know someone else have made this question but I didn´t found the answer.

When 2 words are the same and you wanna have just 1, what do you do?

Ex. Pop Rock, Pop Electronic = Pop Rock, Electronic

Thank you!

These threads?

sory, i didn´t understand the solution :slight_smile:

see also:

I´m just starting with this program so I have very basic skills at the moment to understand :frowning:

I am not quite sure how to interpret your last post.
Is it just a status message that you are currently out and about to get deeper into MP3tag's functions so that it may take some time until you tell us whether you succeeded?
Or is it a call for further help?
If the latter is the case then you have to tell us what you have done so far and where you couldn't get any further.

Hi thanks! I would like to find the way, sure!
Today I am more optimistic :slight_smile:
I´ve tried all the "codes" you and the comunity posted.
In the Format Value I start trying with the field: genre and add the format strings that you showed me in the lasts answers.
Also I tried with "replace regular expression" using the same "codes" I saw in the posts and replacing matches with (space) or (,).
In both cases nothing happened, no replace was done and when something happened, was that all the words were deleted.
I started trying this in the genre field but Im more interested to make it in the comment field.
Thank you very much!

If you do not get the expected result, then most likely the pattern defined by the regular expression does not match the string/cannot be found in the string.
If you need further help with such patterns, you have to show us the original data, the regular expression and give us a hint what you expected to be the result.
In general: a regular expression does not depend on the field (be it GENRE or COMMENT) but on the data in that field.

Thanks....I have several tracks that have repeated words....on the genre fields and in the comment fields. not all the tracks have the same word repeated, but all of them have different words repeated. this in an example:

original genre: indie rock,pop,indie
expected result: indie rock,pop

on the comment fields i also have different problems as:

original comment: indie rock,pop,indie,confident,feel good,powerful,power,feel good, confident
expected results: indie rock,pop,confident,feel good,powerful,power

as i told you, i have this problem in a buch of songs but with different repeated words


Please see this thread that deals with duplicate words:

If you want to get it easy, replace all commas with a slash or with a semicolon as the thread features expressions for these 2 cases. Otherwise you have to find out where to insert the comma as separator.