Delete track number

Hi, just about to use your software-thanks

I have two problems
1)I want to delete track numbers that have automatically been inserted into my track titles
2)For Compliations I have lost the artist title and the tag is just showing up as Compliation taking the folder name from my structure for itunes

Presumably the actual artist is still somewhere in ther and can be dug out?

I wish I had never started to try and improve my files
The problem is I have 16000!

Thanks for h :unsure: elp

Could you give us some more information, please?

How do your track titles look like now?
Also, since your artist information is lost for compilations, can it be obtained from somewhere (the file path for example)? If so, how does the path of the file names look like?


Hi Sebastian
I have itunes on one PC with a networked Media Center PC using WMP 10 i was fed up with albums that had various artists appearing as 24 albums in WMP so i tried to sort...and ended up with titles that all start with the track number eg 01 Happy Day or 01-01 Happy Day if on the first disc of a 2 disc set
Then the artist for individual tracks on a compilation is now just Compilation- i cant see the that the info is still in there

I have a large collection 16000 tracks- its all mine ie my cds but i dont want to do it again?

Can your software help?

Thanks :huh:

Examples how to remove track numbers from title are in the FAQ
For your case, the action would have to be slightly modified.
If you provide all the possible title names you have gotten this should be no problem.

For the compilation artists, check the the extended tag fields [ALT+T] if informations was only moved.
Maybe you also have the artists in the filename, then you can use the Converter to import the artist names.