Did Discogs change something?

I'm pretty sure it was working fine yesterday but today I'm getting 404 errors.

The discogs.com site itself is still up.

my discogs scripts are woriking fine.
maybe temporary downtime.

Oh OK. This never happened to me before. The album I'm trying to tag exists at Discogs:


But for some reason using the artist or album name after clicking Tag Sources > Discogs results in the 404 error dialog in my first post.

Discogs works fine with other albums.

What Script are you using exactly?
I think for the standard discogs script you have to use "Gents, The (6)" for search.

I would recommend you my version which has 14 different ways to search. Most of them don't need ",The" , "(6)" or similar stuff. You will find everything.

I was using the default one that ships with mp3tag, but i'll try yours now. Thank you. :slight_smile: For the record, "Gents, The" doesn't pull back the right album anyway but I guess that's a Discogs problem.

"Gents, The (6)" for the standard script, with the number in brackets exactly as written at discogs.