Difference between copy/past and add coverart as jpg?


does anyone know the difference between copy/paste (coverart by browser from beatport) to
mp3 tag as coverart, and adding the exact same cover, downloaded from beatport as jpg?

Traktor Pro refuses to show coverart, using the method "adding the cover, downloaded from
beatport as jpg" but shows coverart, using the method "copy/paste coverart by browser"

So batch-downloading covers per Tool (DisCoverArt) @ Google and addin them per Action
save jpgs as frontcover to the TAG does not work, as Traktor Pro don`t show the coverart.

Thanks in advance, any help appreciated.

Have a look here :

Cover Art & filesize

Traktor also only supports up to 1mb for cover art.

I'll be releasing search for coverart in my beatport scripts soon I hope.

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