Different values from filename

Hello all, I need help again, tried for days but can't get it...
the source file names are formatted as follows;

  1. Artist - Song Title

trying to make an expression that will take various values and insert them in the correct columns as follows

  1. will take the track number and insert it in the track column
  2. will take the Artist and insert it in the Artist column
  3. Will take the Song Tilte and insert it in the Title column
    while getting rid of the . and -

This is way above my level and I need help

Did you have a look at the FAQs?

%track%. %artist% - %title%

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see what I said about needing help? have been overthinking it by a longshot, was trying to use actions, I use the converter all the time to rename files from tag, never thought about the reverse.

Worked perfectly tyvm

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