Disc number Sequential Action

First , I have searched , however if I've missed the answer please point me to it .

Now then ,

I've a folder containing 40 volumes and each volumes has 20 files .

I'd like an action to tag them with the correct discnumbers in sequential order

ie : CD 01 , CD 02 , CD 03 through to CD 40 .

please help .


Ok I'm working through this and by using the auto numbering wizard have generated the numerical values , 01 , 02 , etc.

Now I'd like to add the prefix CD ( plus a space )

See the FAQs:

I would like to add that the field DISCNUMBER is a numeric field with exception of the slash.
Adding letters would break that and lead to possible irritations in players. IMHO it is the task of the player to supply a suitable label for a field.

If you really want to add disc names (like Dawn to Dusk and Twilight to Starlight for the Smashing Pumpkinsʼ 1995 double-CD album Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness), TSST set subtitle seems like the appropriate field in ID3v2.4 (not available in v2.3), since it “is intended for the subtitle of the part of a set this track belongs to” and set could be a physical disc among other meanings. Mp3tagʼs respective variable name is SETSUBTITLE and there is no equivalent predefined box/atom for MP4 tags.

thank-you both .

I'm simply distinguishing between CD's , LP's and the such.

I've tagged numerous files this way manually with no apparent problems for players .

Perhaps a dedicated field like MEDIATYPE would be a good place as it keeps the data structured.
See the help for fields that are supported by MP3tag:

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