Disc/Total Discs and Track/Total Tracks

I use MP3Tag and foobar2000 as a team. I wanted to have foobar2000 show the disc/total discs and track/total tracks. After much Googling and searching for scripts and script components in both the foobar2000 forums and the MP3Tag forums, I realized that I would have to manually set the actual total discs and actual total tracks.

In MP3Tag, in the Tag Panel, I created two new entries: Total Discs %TOTALDISCS%, and Total Tracks %TOTALTRACKS%.

Then I created a new Action called "Fix Total Discs Total Tracks.mta", with the following data:



In MP3Tag, select the files in a single folder/album; first one disc, then any additional discs. In the Tag Panel, based on information either from the discs or from other sources, set the total discs and total tracks for each disc selection. Then select the entire folder/album, and run the Action. Save the changes.

In foobar2000, create two new columns: Total Discs %TOTALDISCS% and Total Tracks %TOTALTRACKS%. Change the Track column to [%tracknumber%/%TOTALTRACKS%], and change the Disc column to [$num(%discnumber%,1)/$num(%TOTALDISCS%,1)]


Sounds like a foobar2000 question.

IMO, it somewhat defeats the purpose of tagging to put two different bits of data in one field. If your chosen application already displays %TRACK%/%TOTALTRACKS%, then I don't understand why you'd go out of your way to format the TRACK field with this data.

I've yet to come across an application that makes use of either TOTALTRACKS or TOTALDISCS. When it is displayed, most library managers compute the total tracks based on the number of tracks present in the library for an album. And while I've seen DISCNUMBER displayed and used, I'm not sure I've ever seen TOTALDISCS.

Also, FWIW, I've never encountered an application that needed zero-padded TRACK numbers. It's only in a file name where that's necessary to make file managers like Windows Explorer sort the tracks into the correct order. Applications tend to correctly store the track numbers as numeric, so don't need the leading zero.

I agree, I'll post my question there.

I am using TOTALDISCS and TOTALTRACKS solely as a place to put the manually-input number. I'm displaying them in MP3Tag to validate the data.

I agree. I fixed the action to show 1 digit, not two.


Right. I understand that part. Some rippers (I believe dbpoweramp) can populate these fields for you, so it's not unusual to use them.

Not sure what you mean by 'validate'. In any case, you can easily display them without having to push this data into the TRACK and DISCNUMBER fields. Do you mean display them in Mp3tag on the right-hand side? (the columnar "file view")? If so, you can add these fields as columns. Right-click on the header row and select 'Customize columns...'.

I guess my screen shots did not show it, but yes, I want TOTALDISCS and TOTALTRACKS to show on the right side "file view" so I can see ('validate') that I entered the totals correctly. I fumble-finger a lot, and a visual indication really helps.

Also, I use the TOTALDISCS and TOTALTRACKS in foobar2000 to display the manually-entered totals as #/#, without having to display the two TOTAL columns. Foobar2000 sees the total number properly after the '/', and it is in tag, where iTunes also sees the total numbers and properly displays them.