Discogs 400 Bad Request


after installing mp3tag, i am sadly facing a problem when trying to use Discogz as a source.
I created a discogz account and under "Settings" --> "Developers" i generated a new Tocen, which is 40 characters long and has alphanumeric characters. It looks like this:

After clicking on discogz in mp3tag, it requests an activation code. After adding this code, it says
"Failed to authenticate using oauth(2)

400: Bad Request"

Am i doing something wrong, is this an known issue?
How to solve this issue?


see e.g. here:

Thanks, so it is not known where this comes from and there is no fix yet. 11 days without an response, guess it will take a while for someone to get the motivation to dig into it...

Is there any software out there, where tagging with discogz as a source works?

Edit 1:

Internet connection is definately no issue, since it is not restricted. I will try a virtual machine with Windows 7... Let's see how this goes

Oh, there are some more threads that deal with error 400.
e.g. this one:

The idea is to remove the confirmation code and re-register with discogs.

Already removed the code and created a new one - that didn't work.

I tested it in a virtual machine with windows 7 and it works perfectly. Guess mp3tag has a bug, when using windows 10... Got a workaround so this is "okay" for me

I doubt that........

Then explain, why the exact setup works in Windows 7(in a virtual Machine) but does not work in Windows 10? The hardware and internet connection are obviously the same.

As a software engineer, i doubt that mp3tag is completly bug free... :wink:

Plus, the code i postet was the wrong one since i get another activation code after the website opens. Could have told me....

So now it works again?

It does work on windows 7, but not on windows 10, like i wrote. So no, the issue is not resolved, but i found a workaround: using this tool in a virtual environment with windows 7...

Is till think that you have to register each version separately.
See here how to register:

Well, this is not the issue and not the solution, thats a completely different topic
Thanks for searching anyway

You've created a developer token, used for developers that create apps that are using Discogs. Mp3tag is such an example and I have a developer token.

However, for using Mp3tag with Discogs, you need an access token. Those are listed at


Mp3tag will open the default web browser with a page on Discogs asking to allow Mp3tag accessing your Discogs profile. Once you've confirmed this, the page displays the access token which is shorter and can be entered in Mp3tag's input dialog.

Hello Florian,

yes this is correct. Like i stated, the developer code was wrong but i also wrote that the procedure works with Windows 7, meaning that i am aware of the steps i have to take and of the workflow.
Sadly, in Windows 10 no website opens but the error 400 occurs in mp3tag. In windows 7(virtual machine in my windows 10 pc) the website opens and i can confirm the access and will receive a ~8 character long activation code which i can add at mp3tag.

I tested it on another Windows 10 PC today and it opened the website. This is no restriction to the internet since the virtual machine worked, so i think it might be some windows security regulations restricting the functionality to open a website from a third party software?

Have you tried to rename %APPDATA%\Mp3tag\mp3tag.cfg to make sure that no erroneous code is stored in the configuration file?

If no browser opens, can you check the default browser at Windows Settings > Apps > Default apps and probably set it again?

I'm not aware of some security regulations, but you never know. If nothing helps, you can copy the configuration file from the working system to problematic one.

So here is the dumb thing that happened.
I did not know that Mp3Tag was trying to open an authorization page using Window's default browser.
Yes, that is what Mp3Tag does the first time you try to tag with Discogs.

My default browser was Opera, and it was opened but crashed. I closed Opera with task manager and was able to complete the authorization. Discogs provided me with a 10-digit code.

To test if you have a similar problem, open a run dialog (windows button-r) then type http://
If your browser does not open, then Mp3Tag will also not be able to open it.