Discogs : 401 error

Hi, I just install the latest version of mp3tag (2.64), I created a discogs account and granted access to mp3tag, the first time it work well but the second time i use it i got a 401 error.
I have try to revoke the authorization and reinstall mp3tag but i always get the 401 error

Error connecting to server: www.discogs.com

  1. go to C:\Users\YOUR-USER-NAME\AppData\Roaming\Mp3tag\data\sources
  2. Open the file name discogs.src
  3. Find this two lines :
    • [WordSeperator]=+
    • [Encoding]=url-utf-8
    and change to:
    • [WordSeperator]=%20
    • [Encoding]=utf-8
  4. Save the modification and enjoy
thank to Victor Kostas for the fix

Same problem here, altough I found out that it works if you only use one word for search. As soon as you use multiple words, you'll get that error.
Since discogs is the most accurate source for tags, it's quite a hassle.

This problem started yesterday, I have since upgraded to 2.65 but the problem remains.

same here

Yes I am getting the same prob. I'd like to continue using this prog but it seems the last few versions have had issues concerning Discogs. I find this prog the most user friendly prog around, so please fix this ASAP.

Are you still experiencing the issue with the 401 unauthorized error? I've noticed this too, but it seems to me that it was an issue with the Discogs API itself which seems to be resolved now.

Kind regards

yep, still the same problem. dammit, that discogs team never tired messing things up

I update to 2.65 and only work if I search with one word like s_k said.

I have try several characters

, ! ? [] (){} ' / *

and the space, the dot . and the dash - return a 401 error

look like a parsing problem with the discogs api

Open script in a editor.
There are 2 possible reasons to fix:

  1. Change [WordSeperator]=+ to [WordSeperator]=%20
  2. Check [Encoding] value. Try to use utf-8 instead of url-utf-8

Yes I just checked again its 11:48 PM and still cannot connect to Discogs

Have you tried the default script Discogs with one word only?
If it works with one word (e.g. Gold) but not with several words (e.g. Over Gold) then the script needs the small fix I describe in my previous post.

I have tried out both your recommandations ([WordSeparator]=+ and [Encoding]=utf-8) but it didn't help here.

As you described I can do a discogs search with either one word only or by replacing the spaces between several words with a + manually.

I was too fast when sent the message.
[WordSeperator]=%20 solved my issue.
My guess is smth wrong with URL encoding.

Unfortunately not here. No [WordSeperator]=%20 and no [WordSeparator]=%20. Maybe you have changed anything else.

Edit: Oh, sorry, I was too fast.

If I use




it works!

Yes! I use the same.
Let's hope Florian will find some time to fix this issue.

This is now also fixed with Mp3tag v2.65a (see the linked topic for some explanation).

I have just updated v.2.65a but UTF-8 is not replaced, my value is still url-utf-8.
After changing it is working

I'm using v2.66 and I'm still getting 401 errors.

I checked the .src file but didn't need to make any changes because it already had [WordSeperator]=%20 and [Encoding]=utf-8 (as was expected with this version).

The track titles in question contained an apostrophe (in the word "I'm") which seems to be the culprit.

my scenario:

  1. I used the discogs tagging feature in Mp3tag 2.71 for many months without problems.

  2. I suddenly receive this error: "Failed to authenticate using OAuth (1)."

  3. I attempt to use the discogs tagging feature in foobar2000. I receive a similar error: "(skipped) Error: Authorization Failed (401) [Is OAuth working?] - (url: http://api.discogs.com/oauth/request_token)"

  4. I attempt to fix the error by deleting the Mp3tags application from my discogs settings.

  5. Step 4 fails to fix the error.

  6. no dialogue within discogs settings to re-authorize Mp3tag. It just seems like the messages are blocked...

  7. musicbrainz, amazon and freedb tagging works fine.

I followed the steps in this thread found that my discogs.src file already contains the suggested settings. also tried combinations suggested by other posters:





OAuth error still occurs.

I created a new discogs account, to see if my old discogs account was causing the error. I tested the discogs tagging feature in Mp3tag, while logged into my new discogs account. once again, I get an OAuth error.

more details in this thread:
Mp3tag v2.71 / foobar2000 - discogs tagging not working: "Failed to authenticate using OAuth (1).

im getting this error now too
was all working fine yesterday

went to discogs now and deleted my auth key for MP3Tag
but MP3Tag does not bring up a dialogue asking you to re-auth or input a new key.

there are some more threads on this error: