discogs.com Website Error

Hi. I'm having a problem getting all the information from that website. I only see a album picture. The other part such as artist, year, etc. are not showing. Anybody know why this is happening. I think they have the right information on the older albums. Except I hate doing it manually. I included a image of the problem.

what script are you using?
have a look at the web sources scripts forum to get a working one.

I don't know how to use scripts. Seems like everybody here get all the information at discog.com. Wish I could.

Update to the newest version of Mp3tag or download a discogs script in the forum:

Hi. Thanks. Now I can see the information. Didn't know what I was doing but it worked.

Hi. The script uses the artist name for seaching. You should also have one to use the album name for searches. Is that possible.

I like the script for discog. But is there a way to exclude the "mixartist" and the length from the tracks. I just want to see the track number and the song title. Please don't tell me to edit the script. Because that's hard. Here are the images of what I'm talking about.

Where don't you want to see the track number and the song title?
In the websource's dialog? In the file's tag?
Hmm ... if you need a personal customization of the websource's dialog, then you have to deal with the Mp3tag websource script technology.
If you want to go the easy way, then remove afterwards the already created but unwanted tag-fields using the action "Remove fields".


you don't have to care about "length". that is only visible in the web sources dialog window and not written into you files.

If you don't want %mixartist%, you can use dano's
normal script (discogs_07) /t/1992/1
but that leaves also other information away.

or you use my script /t/9226/1
It's different in installation, but it has the advantage that you can every single field you want to write without having to deal with Mp3tag's web script language. See the starting post there for instructions.