discogs doesn't work


Well, I select the song I want, I click on discogs button and then I obtain a list with possible albums, I select the one I want and no information appears on the next window, just "" on the Album tag, nothing more.

Any solution?

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use search!!!

get the newest development version:

or one of the alternative discogs scripts in the forum:

discogs <error> problem

Thanks, I'll give a try, sorry for the post but I've already searched.


That's not really solving anything, your mod isn't working correctly. Dano's mod works


Any of my suggestions solves it!
Dano's script works, as you say, so it solves the problem!
My script also works! You just have to read the installation instructions.
The new development version comes also with a updated discogs script. I tested it, it works.


Great, it helped me. For example I was searching for "Music From The OC: Mix 1" and the script was unable to find it, not even trying artist by artist, then I installed the "search by ID" script and browsed the album manually and it worked. Now I'll see if it completes the information well and I'll edit this post to inform.

Edit.: Ok, it worked perfectly, thanks a lot pone.


If you search for compilations, you must search for "Various" as artist.

Or you use the (API) Artist List Search which dano's and my script have. That lists all releases of a artist, including compilations which have just one track of him.

Or you use the search by Album which my script has. That ignors the artist.