Discogs Genre and Style

I’m a DJ and new to mp3tag but would like to update my mp3s with genre ‘and’ style information from Discogs. Is this possible?

You can check if the built-in Discogs Websource Script delivers this information.
This are the instructions how to use such Online Tag Sources.
Mp3tag can only update your mp3 files with this information if they are available from online sources like Discogs and others. So please check, if genre and style are available for your specific releases(s).

Thanks, will do. I’ve worked out how to change the GENRE output to STYLE by editing the discogs.inc file … which is halfway to what I’m after.

I was hoping to change the output of the GENRE to GENRE + STYLE comma or / separated. But I’m guessing that might take some deeper JSON knowledge?

I assume, it will be much easier to adjust this in a second step.
You can use the various Actions for this task.

As soon as you get the needed values in one field, you can do whatever you want to this tag, like split it in the same tag, split it into multiple tags, add characters and so on.

If you need help, just show us a tag with the current value und tell us, what you would like to see as end result.

I don’t think changing the inc file worked. But I’ve managed to get the Style information showing in the Genre column in the application by using the customise Collins function I.e. value note reads $meta_sep(style,\) and Field reads %genre%

However, I can’t get this to write back to the files? Am I doing something wrong?

If you customize columns, then you only make a specific value visible in Mp3tag.
If you want to change a value inside a tag like GENRE, you have to use the mentioned Actions.

Currently, you have a value
House, Deep House, Garage House
in the GENRE tag, is this correct?
You can press ALT + T on one of your songs and check it.

Now you want to see this values in separate STYLE tags, like
Deep House
Garage House

If you add this STYLE tag to the tag panel on the left side (where you already see TITLE, ARTIST, ALBUM...) or show it as a new column, you will see them as
House\\Deep House\\Garage House
The \\ is not saved in the tag itself, it is just a visible separator character.

Are you sure that your other players (software, hardware) can read STYLE as a tag? I ask this, because STYLE is not an official id3 tag.

Hi, sorry I think you’ve misunderstood. I just want
House, Deep House, Garage House writing to the Genre tag.
I thought because I’d managed to get the Genre column in the application showing the Style from Discogs that it would now write that to the Genre tag on each mp3 … but it doesn’t.
Is there a way I can get it do that?

Do you want to have all 3 genres
House, Deep House, Garage House
as 1 value (separated with a comma) in the tag GENRE?
Then you can use an action called "Format value" like this

Or do you want 3 GENRE tags with
Deep House
Garage House
Then you can use an action called "Format value" like this

I think the first option. I’ll give that a go and let you know how I go on. Thank you so much for your help. I just think it’ll be a massive time saver when Djing our building sets to be able to search by Style from Discogs rather than Genre as it’s more detailed.

You're welcome.
Please check inside your DJ-Software which version (1 GENRE Tag or 3 GENRE Tags) better suits your needs. Would be nice to hear what kind of software this is and what you decided.

I use Serato but I’m not aware you can have 3 genre tags. Unless you use other redundant columns for that purpose?

I can't answer it for sure, because I don't use Serato.
Please check it with your current version, just create one track with 1 GENRE Tag and another track with 3 GENRE tags and "import" it into Serato.

That works a treat. I tried doing one file with the second formatting options $meta_sep(STYLE,//) and imported into Serato but didn’t seem to make any difference. Tbh I’d probably want them all in one column anyway, otherwise I’d have to search on 3 columns.

Thanks again … just got +2000 tracks to update now :0(

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Load your 2000 tracks in Mp3tag, select them all and apply the above action to all selected tracks in one run. :wink:

Cool. I’ll give it a go. What do you do if it hits over it can’t match?

You ask what happens if there is no STYLE value at all and therefore the action can't fill the GENRE?

There is nothing special you have to do, GENRE will just remain empty and the action proceed to the next selected track.

Or do I misunderstand you?

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