DISCOGS "no entries are matching" next step

MP3Tag DISCOGS lookup pops up a "Sorry, no entries are matching you search criteria" dialog box with the only user action allowed being "OK" and then the operation is terminated. It would be nice if a not found condition instead went back to the original 'Search by' dialog box so different spellings, additions, etc. could be easily tried. Often I find myself having to type in the 'Search by' fields, and having to do this several times to get a hit is not fun.
(You may have noticed I've saved up all my DISCOGS requests for this rainy day).

I've added a retry button to tag sources with Mp3tag v3.05d if no results were found for the search criteria.

Also, the search query fields are now pre-filled with the previous input when going back or retrying from tag sources.

Thanks for your feedback!

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Works great. Thanks mucho.

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