discogs not getting track titles

Track titles no longer retrieved here. Temporary glitch or not?

Tried: 2.46 and 2.46a.


Missing track titles here too!

Guessing Discogs site moved the goalposts again (?) - as all other scripts appear to be ok.

@Porcus - I noticed this for the first time tonight. Have been searching around for posts from others experiencing problems.... yours is the only one I've found so far! Thanks for convincing me I'm not losing the plot! :wacko:

Anybody else getting this problem??


Assuming that you are talking about the script that comes with Mp3tag you posted to the wrong thread. Because that script still works.

Anyway I can confirm the problem with the pre-installed discogs script.

Yes, i have same problem. Discogs not working at the last version.

discogs scripts that use the web api should still work:

Thanks, works fine :w00t:

Thanks for the alternative script links, Dano - am using them now.
.....and apologies for posting this to the wrong thread previously! :whistling:

Will the scripts I had been using before taken from here be updated in the near future, as personally I prefer to use those particular search functions?


Yes, that thread is now updated.

I second this (3x).

What do you mean? The scripts in my thread are updated: